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Makeup Air Filter Cleaning & Replacement

Airflow in your commercial kitchen or commercial facility is important and it’s something that needs to be tightly controlled.  When you exhaust dirty, greasy, or smokey air from your kitchen or facility through exhaust hoods you must then replace that air in order to keep the air pressure in your facility balanced.

When your air pressure is balanced it will give you better temperature control, it will help keep heating or cooling costs down, and provides fresh, clean air for your employees and customers.  This balance is achieved through the use of makeup air units.   Your exhaust hoods can remove thousands of cubic feet of air per minute from your facility and the makeup air units bring fresh clean air back into the facility.  That outside air also has contaminants that will eventually clog up the makeup air unit filters and it decreases the overall performance of your ventilation system.

Commercial Facility Services is a full service commercial maintenance company based out of Apex, North Carolina and providing services throughout the Triangle area.  We specialize in cleaning and replacing the filtration systems within your makeup air units so your kitchen exhaust systems work efficiently and keep dirty air, grease, and smoke out of your kitchen.

Signs Your Makeup Air Units Need To Be Cleaned

  • Foul smells or odors in your kitchen
  • Extreme temperature variations in your kitchen
  • Grease build up on kitchen surfaces
  • Poor exhaust hood performance
  • Carbon monoxide detectors going off

Why Choose CFS To Clean Your Makeup Air Filters?

When you choose to work with Commercial Facility Services to clean your makeup air filters you’re partnering with a team of experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring your facility is not just clean but also safe for your employees and your customers.  Using the most current recommended practices and medical grade cleaners and sanitizers we can completely clean or replace your makeup air filters so they work efficiently and draw in the right amount of clean, fresh air into your facility.

We offer one-time makeup air filter cleaning services or we can include our makeup air filtration cleaning services into a regular maintenance plan as well.

If you’d like to schedule your makeup air filter cleaning give us a call at (919) 725-1917 or fill out our online request form and we’ll get right back to you.

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About Commercial Facility Services

Commercial Facility Services was started by Steven Taepke and Bryan Hawk.  With over 20 years in the commercial maintenance industry they decided to start their own maintenance company with a focus on helping restaurants, food services, apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, retail stores, and other busy commercial facilities that need reliable maintenance services from a professional team.  Based out of Apex, NC and serving the Raleigh area and the Research Triangle.

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